MystFits NFTs Coming Soon to Solana

MystFits NFTs Coming To Solana

The MystFits are a collection of 4,444 degen little monsters. Owning a MystFit will grant you access to 1 of our 3 levels of our “Alpha DAO”, level 1 DAO members (must hold 1 MystFit NFT) receive early access to minting whitelists and early alpha intel for NFT and Token launches. Level 2 DAO members (Must hold 3 or more MystFits) receive priority access to the investment team open chat with opportunities for collaborations and partnerships. Level 3 DAO members must hold one of the 44 total 1:1 MystFits and every single one grants you 1 on 1 access to investment education and resources by a team of experienced and knowledgeable traders, plus opportunities to advance your status in crypto from a part-time crypto investor to a full-time crypto investor and team member, that’s right, we are offering employment opportunities and training to our Level 3 DAO members, and as if that were not enough we have a Mystery prize for all 1:1 MystFit holders which is redeemable only 1 time

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